The world of fine jewellery can be tough and quite overwhelming to navigate especially with the various terminology involved. We are here to make that process a lot easier for you, defining the words you’d find across our website, along with what you can do to make your jewellery last a long, long time. Because at the end of the day, we are all looking for pieces that become memorable heirlooms, staying close to perfect. 

What is 18k gold?

18 karat gold comprises 75 percent pure gold mixed with 25 percent of other metals like copper or silver.

What is the difference between 18k and 14k gold?

While 18 karat gold comprises 75 percent pure gold mixed with 25 percent of other metals while 14 karat gold comprises 58.3 percent pure gold mixed with 41.7 percent of other metals, making 18 karat gold more pure. 

What is the meaning of the diamond certification provided?

Certified diamonds are diamonds whose quality characteristics have been evaluated by a gemstone grading lab. This means that its quality has been examined and verified by an expert third-party.

What is the meaning of conflict-free diamonds?

Diamonds that are mined and shipped, free of any illegal practices are classified as conflict-free diamonds. These diamonds comply with the industry standards of socially conscious practices of mining and processing, ensuring a more ethical end product for the customers.

What is pave setting?

When many small stones are set closely together, they form the pavé setting

What is the bezel setting?

When an elevated collar of gold wraps the diamonds in place, they form the bezel setting.

What is the channel setting?

When stones are set in a track between two walls of metal, they form the channel setting. 

What is the prong setting?

When metal projections hold the stone in place, it forms the prong setting.

What are baguette diamonds?

Baguettes are rectangular, step-cut diamonds with straight or tapered edges.

How should I care for my pieces?

To clean:

Soak your jewellery in soapy water and use a soft brush to clean the diamonds. Rinse with lukewarm water and clean it with a soft cloth till completely dry. Be careful while using the brush so as to not scratch the metal surface.

To wear:

Always wear your perfume first and then your jewellery, and for your night-time routine, take off your jewellery and then use any serums or creams.
Keep your jewellery away from pools to avoid the chlorine eating into the metal.
Avoid sleeping in your jewellery. 

How should I store my erd jewellery?

Our packaging comes with a soft cloth pouch. We recommend storing your jewellery in that when it is not being worn.